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In our opinion, asphalt shortages and rising production costs left some shingle manufacturers producing shingles that weren’t all they were “curled up” to be! Many of the roofs being replaced today are less than 15 years old, leaving homeowners frustrated and confused about their next roofing choice. Therefore, we have researched high quality asphalt roofing products, buying only from reputable manufacturers at very competitive prices! Make your next roof your last roof with help from Johnson’s!


Decra stone coated steel shingles are the perfect mix of longevity, appearance and ease of installation! Decra shingles look like shingles but last like steel. They will never curl or rot, have a 50 year warranty, come in a variety of colors and may be installed over previous shingles! Best of all, Decra can easily be installed by roofers of all levels of expertise! Ask us about our first hand experiences with this product! You might just be our next happy Decra customer!


Panel Loc Plus is a great way to get a steel roof without “breaking the bank!” Panel Loc Plus is produced in a state of the art facility, ensuring consistent quality with every sheet! Panel Loc Plus is NEVER cheaply formed from secondary coil stock! Not all steel manufacturers can say that! Panel Loc Plus comes in a large variety of colors with a 40 year paint warranty! Once again, when value and quality count, count on Johnson’s!


Horizon Loc Steel Roofing is a premium, concealed fastener roof system. Horizon Loc comes in a variety of colors sure to blend with any home! Horizon has a 40 year paint warranty! By allowing a little extra time to get started, any construction minded homeowner or installer can learn to install! Horizon Loc could easily be the best investment you can make in your home! Stop in today to learn more!