One Stop

Johnson's One Stop Shopping Service
134 Main St (HWY 27)
Seneca, Wisconsin 54654

(608) 734-3434

Outdoor Living

As you step out of the truck after a hard day’s work, the grill (that you bought at Johnson’s) is already heated. The mouth-watering smells of searing T-Bone steak (that you bought at Johnson’s) instantly brings a smile to your face. As you step up on to the deck (that you bought at Johnson’s) you reach into the cooler (that you bought at Johnson’s) grabbing your favorite cold beverage (that you bought at Johnson’s.) You walk to the door (that you bought at Johnson’s.) There you are met by your wife who asks “did you remember to stop at Johnson’s?” The moral of the story is this: “If you really want to enjoy the great outdoors, don’t forget to stop at Johnson’s!”